Cisco DMVPN Phase 3

The Request

I have a client with a data center, a headquarters/DR site, and a lot of branches spread out all over the world with Internet connectivity.

They are currently using static IPSEC Internet facing VPNs to connect to their data center and HQ environemts, but the company is hitting a growth spurt and they are quickly realizing this solution is becoming difficult to scale and manage with their limited in-house IT staff.

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Cisco VRF/MP-BGP Router On A Stick With Nat

The Request:

I was approached by a client who wanted me to build their multi tenant network for a small office building. During the initial meeting it came out that they already had equipment and would like to use this equipment without purchasing much more. This is what I had to work with:

  • 1 x Cisco X8XX Series ISR1
  • 6 x Cisco 2960X Switches

The client also has an existing Cisco Unified Communications System that they will be configuring to provide voice services to all of the tenants. There will be no LAN-to-LAN communications between the tenants. There will be a reasonable amount of commercial grade Internet access and the tenants will be allowed to host some services locally (e-mail, collaboration software, etc.).

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