SecureCRT Auto Logging How-To

This is a quick post to document the process I use to auto-log SecureCRT sessions.

I like to automatically log all sessions that I open, just so I have a record of all my keystrokes. It also helps when doing discovery operations so that I do not have to repeat logins to collect information that I may not have felt was important previously.

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Hugo + Staticman: Nested Replies and E-mail Notifications

In this post I want to cover the steps I went through to get Staticman nested comments and e-mail notifications working in Hugo.

Disclaimer: I am new to Hugo, Go Templating, JavaScript, and all the bits and pieces used in this write-up. I am sure there are more efficient methods to achieve these results. Please provide any feedback in the comments or feel free to issue a pull request. Thanks!

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Intro to Ansible for Networkers

I made this quick video as an “Ansible 101” type introduction for some networking friends that just wanted a high-level intro to playbook creation and logic. So, I hope you enjoy it and get something useful from it. Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have!

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Reset Toner Counter on Brother HL-3170CDW

Quick Note

I thought I would make a quick post about how I reset the toner counters on my brother HL-3170CDW.  I find myself having to search for these steps every few months.

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Cisco DMVPN Phase 3

The Request

I have a client with a data center, a headquarters/DR site, and a lot of branches spread out all over the world with Internet connectivity.

They are currently using static IPSEC Internet facing VPNs to connect to their data center and HQ environemts, but the company is hitting a growth spurt and they are quickly realizing this solution is becoming difficult to scale and manage with their limited in-house IT staff.

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