Cisco DMVPN Phase 3

The Request

I have a client with a data center, a headquarters/DR site, and a lot of branches spread out all over the world with Internet connectivity.

They are currently using static IPSEC Internet facing VPNs to connect to their data center and HQ environemts, but the company is hitting a growth spurt and they are quickly realizing this solution is becoming difficult to scale and manage with their limited in-house IT staff.

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Cisco 6807 VSS ISSU Upgrade

The Request:

I have a client with multiple 6807 VSS pairs that required an IOS upgrade. All of the pairs have a single SUP2-T in each chassis and were in the 15 code train. Although the ISSU process is very straight forward I wanted to put this quick process up as I had to search through multiple documents to gather all the pieces I needed to knock it out.

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GoDaddy: Delegate Subdomain to Different Nameserver

  1. Access your GoDaddy domain manager
  2. Select your domain
  3. Select the “DNS Zone File” Tab
  4. Select “Add Record”
  5. Create a new “Nameserver” entry. See capture below. The “host” will be the subdomain you want to point to the new server. Use the proper nameserver naming format or GoDaddy will kick an error.

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Convert Audio Files for use with the Cisco Unified Communications Suite

Quick Note:

I thought I would make a quick post around how I prepare audio files for deployment in Unity Connection, Communications Manager, Contact Center Express, and other Cisco UC1 products. This post will be focused around Unity Connections but the same method can be used for all applications.

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