Building a Wireguard Router...Easier Than I Thought!

I have been seeing a lot of buzz about Wireguard. I had considered setting up a server at home for external access just for fun, but all of the examples I saw used NAT behind the Wireguard box and I wanted to route entire subnets without NATing. After I finally took some time and realized that Wireguard was just an interface and I would just be leveraging some iptables it all came together rather quickly.

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First Test with new Drafts and Shortcuts Automations

…Let's See if This Works!

I just spent the last day putting together some Drafts actions and iOS Shortcuts. This is just a short test to see if the process works. Then I will document it all.

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SecureCRT Auto Logging How-To

This is a quick post to document the process I use to auto-log SecureCRT sessions.

I like to automatically log all sessions that I open, just so I have a record of all my keystrokes. It also helps when doing discovery operations so that I do not have to repeat logins to collect information that I may not have felt was important previously.

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Hugo + Staticman: Nested Replies and E-mail Notifications

Update 20190819: The public instance of the Staticman API is broken with no clear line-of-sight on when or if it will be repaired. Reference issue #307. I am now running my own Staticman instance in Heroku using the suggestions from VincentTam. I am using the master branch and integrating PR #285. VincentTam did a good write up on all of these things in a few places: Issue #296 & VincentTam's blog on hosting your own instance of Staticman.. This all takes some piecing together, so I may write an update post on how I am hosting my instance and link it here. If there are any questions feel free to hit me in the comments.

In this post I want to cover the steps I went through to get Staticman nested comments and e-mail notifications working in Hugo.

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Intro to Ansible for Networkers

I made this quick video as an “Ansible 101” type introduction for some networking friends that just wanted a high-level intro to playbook creation and logic. So, I hope you enjoy it and get something useful from it. Please feel free to comment with any questions you may have!

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PlaystationVUE, Amazon FireTV, pfSense, and Traffic Limiting

Quick Note

All of the conclusions below were based off of my individual findings dealing with Vue and my cable provider. But, I used some parts of pfSense that a lot of people talk about and I thought it would be good to put it on paper for others to find.

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